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An Acor Society is a facilitating app for all society members.

Are you a part of a housing society and want to simplify daily chores?? We have the solution in the form of Mobile App which is very user friendly, anyone with little know how about smart phone can easily use it. Provides entire society member’s information within an app. Get rid of document handling. Enables you to have prompt and efficient system which enables you to track the society complaints and clearing them off on time. Keep everyone in the society aware about upcoming meetings, events & celebrations. Emergency system which make everyone aware about mishaps in the society which may lead to saving lives and reducing losses. Ever imagined of storing memories of festivals such as Ganpati, Govinda, Diwali, Navratri, Holi, and Christmas within an app available to society members only. It is not just another social App but an effective solution to the all kinds of housing society’s problems.